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Our goal is to help you cut costs, decrease turnaround times, and increase your quality output

What we do

We refine 3D data so you can use it!

Online Resources, Inc. is a national leader in Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturers from 3D scanning services for Inspection to fully integrated Automated Quality Control solutions. We have a team of driven professionals with the expertise to identify technology that best fits your needs.

Expertise and Service that exceeds expectations!
3D Scanning Products & Services

Expertise and Service that exceeds expectations!

Online Resources, Inc., takes pride in the customer experience and ability to deliver industry leading results. In 2020, Online Resources, Inc. was honored with Creaform's, "2020 Customer Service of the Year" award for the highest percentage of return customers in the United States.

The combination of an elevated customer experience and a constant search for efficient emerging technologies have given Online Resources, Inc., it's continued success for more than three decades.

Our Services

The Lunchbox Webinar Series

Thirty minutes of packed information neatly packaged for those interested in Industry 4.0 solutions for their Inspections, Quality Control, and R&D. Whether you're new to these emerging technologies or just interested in seeing new ways to integrate it; this webinar series is for you!

Lunchbox Series A Comparative Analysis of Inspection Software

A quick comparative analysis of Creaform's VxINSPECT, InnovMETRIC's Polyworks Inspector, and 3D System's Geomagic Control X; a live demonstration in each program and a quick decision comparative chart to help identify which software fits your organization.

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