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Benefits of 3D Scanning


the speed of a CMM

All 3D scanners are faster in 3D data capture than contact-based measurement solutions, acquiring millions of points per second and create a complete surface profile in that time.



Lightweight and fully portable, handheld 3D scanners can easily be taken anywhere, whether that's across the shop floor, or to another facility in a different country.



All our scanners are Zero Contact, allowing you to scan a variety of surfaces without worrying about any risk of damage.


microns accuracy

Digitally capture parts, assemblies, and components with up to 0.0009 Inch (or 22 microns) in accuracy.


training needed

Handheld 3D scanners require very little training. In less than 1 hour you can be scanning your objects of choice, confidently and effectively.

The Power of 3D Scanning

The Power of 3D Scanning

3D scanning is a proven high precision technology for metrology needs in the Casting Industry. Detailed inspections of complex cast parts are easily obtained with less time allowing foundries to inspect more parts increasing efficiencies and decreasing waste. This even applies to the unpredictable variable of shrinkage by utilizing 3D scanning's no-contact internal cavity inspections.

The ability to capture complex castings in a matter of seconds, along with the power to utilize the scan data to obtain highly accurate dimensions and extrusions makes 3D scanning an ideal solution for reverse engineering.

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