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Over the past 30 years, Online Resources has grown to be a leader in the CAD/CAM industry, as well as, 3D scanning and 3D printing, with expert instruction in each of these technologies.

Online Resources was incorporated in 1991 by Jay and Tina Schaumberg. Originally, they developed a CAD/CAM software company focused on serving manufacturers with programming challenges.  

The mission to solve manufacturing challenges through emerging technologies quickly expanded from CAD/CAM solutions to 3D technologies by 1998. In 2006, Online Resources, Inc., created a strategic partnership with Creaform to support the emerging needs of 3D scanning in the marketplace. In 2017, Online Resources partnered with Qpoint Robotics to meet the need for Automated Quality Control. Through a cutting-edge robotic interface, the partnership was able to address In-Line, Near-Line and Off-Line applications. Today, Online Resources, Inc., is a nationally recognized leader in 3D scanning technologies and our mission remains the same: To solve manufacturing challenges through emerging technologies.                                                                                                                                     

Online Resources, Inc., takes pride in their customer experience and ability to deliver industry leading results.   In 2020, Online Resources, Inc. was honored with Creaform's, "2020 Customer Service of the Year" award for the highest percentage of return customers in the United States. 

The combination of an elevated customer experience and a constant search for efficient emerging technologies have given Online Resources, Inc., it's continued success for more than three decades.

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