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Peel 2-S CAD

peel 3d

ACCURACYUp to 0.100 mm (0.004 in)
CERTIFICATIONSEC Compliance (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, Low Voltage Directive), IP50, WEEE
DEPTH OF FIELD100 mm (4 in)
DIMENSIONS154 x 178 x 235 mm (6 x 7 x 9.2 in)
MEASUREMENT RATE550,000 measurements/s
MESH RESOLUTION0.100 mm (0.004 in)
RESOLUTION0.100 mm (0.004 in)
SCANNING AREA143 x 108 mm (5.6 in x 4.3 in)
VOLUMETRIC ACCURACY0.300 mm/m (0.0036 in/ft)


Peel 2-S is based on the same proven technology as the Peel 2 scanner but has been optimized to scan smaller parts. Its smaller field of view provides it with a resolution of up to 0.1mm! Excellent when used with a simple turntable, it can also be taken to a specific location and capture the finest of details.


Peel 3D software is really what truly sets this solution apart. Capturing good quality data is one thing but being able to process it and properly work with it is a whole other thing. Unleash the power of Creaform's software, a leader in 3D Industrial measurement and metrology. These are tools you simply will not find with another affordable solution!

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